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We would like to take this time to thank our Sponsors, you are all very important to us and without you all, we could not run our day.  Sponsors are listed on the Sponsors page of this website and on our Facebook page.   Please show your support for them where you can.  If you are not currently a sponsor but think there may be something you could do to help with sponsorship, please email us for more information on what we can do for each other.

Like us at Hunterville Huntaway Festival on Facebook to keep up with what is going on during the year and for information on the 2018 event.

Competitors remember, the 2017 races were a sell out so be in fast in 2018 - registrations open August 1, don't miss out!!!


2016 Children Shemozzle


2016 family Shemozzle


2016 Hunterville Huntaway Dog Trial


2016 Shephered's Shemozzle


2016 Teen Shemozzle


2016 Gallery

2015 Children Shemozzle


2015 family Shemozzle


2015 Hunterville Huntaway Dog Trial


2015 Shephered's Shemozzle


2015 Teen Shemozzle


2015 Gallery


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