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Competitors remember, the 2017 races were a sell out so be in fast in 2018 - registrations open August 1, don't miss out!!!

Teen Shemozzle Events & Entry Form

TEEN SHEMOZZLE™ in association with Wanganui Collegiate School



Do you have stamina, courage, mental and physical ability to compete in the Teen Shemozzle?  A cross country endurance race sure to test your ability, skills and strength in every way possible over, under, through and down obstacles.  The exact course is kept a secret until race day.  But we can tell you that you will be required to go down the mud slide - which most probably means you will have to run uphill at some point, eat a delectable delight and you most probably wont finish the race dry.  Get your mates together and enter as a School Team as well as an individual or if you belong to a Teen Ag Club through Young Farmers, enter your team and get training.  Give it a go!  Every competitor to finish the race will receive a 'doggie bag' full of goodies and a free Shemozzle t-shirt.



10.30am - 12:00pm Pre Race Registration (compulsory)

1:40pm - Race Briefing (compulsory)

Race starts - 2pm Saturday 28th October 2017



1st Overall = Rangitikei Helicopter's Trophy
1st Boy = Hunting & Fishing Prize 1st Girl = Hunting & Fishing Prize
2nd Boy = Hunting & Fishing Prize 2nd Girl = Hunting & Fishing Prize
3rd Boy = Hunting & Fishing Prize
3rd Girl = HUnting & Fishing Prize

Teen Ag Club Challenge = Teen Ag Shield (Winning 3 members of club are awarded prize)

Interschool Challenge = $100 Cash donated to the winning school.

PLUS SPOT PRIZES and all entrants in the Teens Shemozzle will receive a Shemozzle Shirt and goodie bag.


Read the below information BEFORE entering

ENTRIES - limited to 200 competitors

Entries open August 1st 2017 and close September 30th 2017.  Entries sell out fast so get yours in quick to avoid disappointment!  No entries will be accepted on the day of the event.

* Entry fee is $25.00 per competitor (non refundable).

* Payment must be by direct credited / internet banking to Hunterville Huntaway Festival bank account - see instructions below

* Your registration in the race will NOT become confirmed until payment has been received.

* No entries or 'people replacements' will be accepted on the day.

* Competitors must be aged 13 yrs - 18 yrs and be enrolled at a Secondary School or Home School. 

* DO NOT PRINT THE ENTRY FORM AND POST TO US. It must be filled in ONLINE.  If you have trouble please email for help or phone or Text 02SHEMOZZL.  Once you have clicked 'Send' after correctly filling in the form, it will give you a message saying 'Your response has been recorded.'

* Parent signature = Parents need to type their name in recognition they have read and understand the rules as well and give consent for you to enter the race.

Please check out the Competitor Information and Timetable pages on this website for more information.


Teen Ag Shield or Inter-School Challenge

When you fill in your entry form you will be asked to select one either Teen Ag or Inter-Schools Challenge. You will select Teen Ag Shield if you are a  MEMBER of a Teen Ag Club within your school.  This means you are a part of Young Farmers and will compete for the Teen Ag Shield as a team.  There will usually be more than one of you so get your club mates to enter so you can form a Team from your Teen Ag Club.

If you DO NOT belong to a Teen Ag Club, you will select School Challenge.  This means you will be competing for the Schools Challenge prize along with your school team mates.  So get a group together and enter - the more you have from your school, the more chances you have of winning it.

You cannot enter Teen Ag Challenge AND Inter-School Challenge.  If you need help determining which one please email us at

All competitors also compete as an individual in the race.



Click here to enter the Teen Shemozzle



Phone: 027 436 6995 (02 SHEMOZZL)
Internet Banking: BNZ Hunterville Huntaway Festival account: 02-0684-0006453-00
Reference: Use your full name and last name                                                           CodeTeens