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Competitors remember, the 2017 races were a sell out so be in fast in 2018 - registrations open August 1, don't miss out!!!

Shepherds Shemozzle Events & Entry Form





SATURDAY 28th October 2017
PRE RACE REGISTRATION (Hunterville Town Hall) - Shepherd must attend - 12 pm to 2 pm - to get all items required for the race.  Have your worming info with you.  No bitches on heat will be allowed to run. Dogs MUST be Huntaways.
BRIEFING: 2.30pm, Hunterville Town Hall


The ultimate Shepherds/Farmers event. If you like a challenge the Shepherd's Shemozzle is for you.  One for your bucket list and a must do event. A gruelling cross country course that is not for the faint hearted requiring stamina, strength, courage, mental and physical ability to complete the course with your Huntaway by your side the whole way.  The exact course details are kept secret until race day but we can tell you that it will require you to go over, under, through and down obstacles and have a delectable treat to eat.  You will slide down a giant mudslide which may mean you might have to go uphill at some point.  You wont finish the race dry either.  The rules require certain things to cross the finish line with you and your dog so listen carefully to your requirements.  So grab your station workmates and enter the Station Challenge as well. You only need three to enter the Station Challenge.

Station Challenge is run as part of the Shepherd's Shemozzle and scored on aggregate points as your team mates finish the race.  Three or more can be entered.  But its the first three from the station that count towards the points.

1st Overall (not eligible for below prizes as well) SBJ Shield + $1000 Cash & Black Hawk
1st Mens, Womans & Masters (35+) $500 Cash + Black Hawk
2nd Mens, Womans & Masters (35+) $300 Cash + Black Hawk
3rd Mens, Womans & Masters (35+) $100 Cash + Black Hawk
Station Challenge Winners (winning 3 team members)


1st Local Female (not major placing) TBA
1st Local Male (not major placing) TBA
1st Eel TBA
Mystery Prizes

Every competitor will receive a 'doggie bag' with goodies for you and your Huntaway as well as an official Shemozzle Shirt.


Must be of Huntaway Breed or have Huntaway in them. No Bitches on heat will be allowed.  Not recommended for old or retired dogs.  Dogs need to be fit and of able condition, not injured.  Test of the toughest and fittest.  Dogs need to have their vaccinations and worming up to date - you may be required to show records.



Please yourself whether you train for this event or not.  But the winners and prize getters all train for it.  The course is roughly 3kms of hills, mud slides, swamps, water obstacles and other obstacles that change each year.  The ultimate event for Shepherds and their loyal Huntaway.


$25.00 (Early Bird Entry—received prior to the day)
$35.00 (On the day entry)



Queries Ph: 027 436 6995 (02 SHEMOZZL)

Internet Banking: BNZ account: 02-0684-0006453:00 Reference: use your full name and last name   Code: SHPHRD

Entry Form:

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